Spend more time treating patients and less time:

on the phone, on hold, faxing, emailing, waiting, downloading x-rays, being inefficient

Stop wasting valuable time tracking down your patients’ implant data. Easily and securely access it from anywhere, any time, for free.

Finding dental implant data can be such a hassle!

Tracking down the treating doc can be exhausting, the back and forth on the phone, fax and email wastes an enormous amount of time—all of it keeping you from your first priority— treating your patients.

We solve that problem with our platform.

The treating doc securely inputs the data at the time of implant placement, the patient is notified and has access to their data so they can share it with any doc—and it’s FREE.

Free, secure, easy access to your patient’s info.

We provide secure access to all doctors and patients in the system. Simply locate your patient by name and date of birth, retrieve their implant data, and you’re done!

By dentists for dentists!

Lumifi was created by an oral surgeon that was tired of wasting precious time on unnecessary administrative tasks due to inefficiencies in the system. He knew there had to be a better way.

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The New Standard of Care

What dentists are saying about Dental Implant ID:

As a Prosthodontist, new implant patients present to my office from all over the country with implants that need new restorations or parts and almost always we couldn’t identify them with just an x-ray. Trying to track down the previous dentist or the original surgeon took lots of time and was often unsuccessful. Now a few clicks and all the information I need is retrievable in a minute. What a huge time saver! Glad someone finally thought of this. What an amazing idea. Thank you!

My patient’s love that their implant data is easily retrievable by them and any future treating dentist. They like that they have access to it as well. The patient and doctor portals are easy to navigate and secure.

Finally, a way to keep my referrals up to date on their patients’ implant treatment. I email the data to the dentist at the time of treatment. A paperless solution!

A centralized database to locate new patient’s implant information is an invaluable service that every dentist can access at anytime

It was one of the most frustrating aspects of my practice trying to figure out what implant a patient had whenever implants needed new abutment screws, attachments, etc. No more uploading x-rays trying to match images and hoping you guessed right.

By putting my patient’s implant information on the cloud-based database, our practice is seen as professional, efficient and technologically on the cutting edge. An awesome value-added service to our patients at no cost!

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