Lumifi is a simple, free, secure web platform created by an oral surgeon to solve a common problem in the industry—tracking down the basic info that is required to properly service patients’ dental implants.

Ease of Use

No training necessary! It's so simple to use and the benefits for all dentists that treat implant patients are enormous.

Paperless Referrals!

The referring doc is automatically sent an email when you enter the patients information. No more letters!

HIPPA Compliance

New patients in the system are automatically given access to their own data via a separate patient portal.

Up To Date Info

Any treating dentist can add helpful notes to a patient's implant record detailing the restoration work performed.

Record Retention

The system makes it easy to comply with state laws to retain patient records for 7–10 years. No more worries!

Limit Liability!

Secure dental implant data storage eliminates concerns about being held liable for missing records.

Data Entry Service

Our support team can help you upload your past patient records. Contact us for more information.

It's Free!

The platform is completely free now and always. No paid upgrades, no hidden charges, no card required.

Sign up for free today.

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