Lumifi is the simplest, most focused electronic health record system for the professional dental industry. The core features below are so easy to use, you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Find Patients

Find patients by name and date of birth. The predictive search feature makes it easy to locate the patient record you’re looking for.

Image of patient search UI

View and Update Patient Records

Easily get the critical implant data you need to service your patients’ implants. You can also add helpful notes that you or other treating docs can refer to in the future.

Image of patient record

Create Patient and Implant Records

Adding a patient to the system, then inputing information about their new implant, couldn’t be simpler.

Image of UI to edit an implant record

Upload Multiple Records

Upload all of your past patient records at once. The more records in the system, the more useful it is to your practice and the entire professional dental community.

Image of email notification to patients

Paperless Referrals

The system automatically emails the referring doc when you when you add an implant record. No more letters!

Image of UI to upload multiple patient records

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